Bollywood entertainer Esha Deol Takhtani first book ‘Amma Mia’


Bollywood entertainer Esha Deol Takhtani has taken to her Instagram to report her first book ‘Amma Mia’ in view of child rearing. The book is a hands-on manual for assuming responsibility for the youngster’s eating regimen.

Through her first book, Esha who is the of two little girls has recorded her encounters of parenthood wanting to help other new mothers.”As I make my raid into composing with my first book AMBollywood entertainer Esha Deol Takhtani first book ‘Amma Mia’


It’s regarding a matter that is near my heart—child rearing. They state turning into a mother is one of the most excellent encounters a lady experiences, and with the finesse of God, I’m happy to have encountered it twice finished.

Bringing up my two little girls—Radhya and Miraya—is downright an experience and through the book I need to impart to new moms the energizing and overpowering joyride I’ve been on since turning into a first-time mother and all the tears, chuckling and dramatization that joins it.

Amma Mia is a book starting with one mother then onto the next and I trust the book goes about as a closest companion and guide for every new mom out there.”

The book is stuffed with fun tips and deceives and plans for new home-prepared dinners that are straightforward and simple to-follow.

She has additionally said thanks to Jaya Bachchan for composing the foreword, “My sincere gratitude to Jaya aunt for composing such a magnificent foreword for my introduction book!”

Her sibling Abhay Deol likewise took to his Instagram to salute the entertainer, “My infant sister just kept in touch with her own book for new moms and their children!

Becoming another mother can be an energizing yet overpowering time. Regardless of how set you up are, there will consistently be many befuddling minutes, feelings and a mess of dramatization! Also, much the same as some other new mother, Esha Deol Takhtani was confronted with numerous such inquiries not long after the introduction of her two little girls Radhya and Miraya.

At some point, when one of her infant young ladies was pitching a fit, Esha chose to think of an arrangement, one that would guarantee her kid eats right and is cheerful all the while! What’s more, in this manner started her undertakings in parenthood.

Amma Mia mirrors the individual excursion of one lady’s change into a mother.

Enlightening and simple to follow, this book will enable new moms to explore the good and bad times of raising a sound baby and make their youngster become hopelessly enamored with food.”


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