“Why me?” Donatti asked.
“That’s rhetorical, right?” Office Howland leaned back in his desk chair. “Because you’re the newest, which automatically means you’re holding the short straw.”

A new job, a new experience, and a new adventure is so great… Well try telling this to Gabriela Donatti who is for sure going to gain some good experience at the end of this story.Crime, corruption and mystery settled in Rockin, Alaska is the not so friendly environment where our new police officer Gabriella Donatti will be challenged to her limits.

What is it about?

Obviously a bear cub, two Bigfoot strange sightings, three corrupt law officers and a sting operation is not the most kindly combination somebody wants to face in the first day of work, nevertheless, officer Donatti will have to build up a brave attitude in order to get the job done.

New Novella with Alaska as the setting

The Right Motive: A Murder in Alaska is an all-new independent novella from New York Times top of the line creator Christina Dodd. Set in a similar world as her novel Wrong Alibi in the modest community of Rockin, Alaska, this story is pressed with her trademark riddle, exceptional characters, unexpected development and some humor to get the reader’s attention throughout the whole journey.

About the Author

If we talk about hard work, it took Christina Dodd almost ten years, two children and three completed manuscripts before her first novel, “Candle in the Window” was published. Another fact about Dodd’s books is that they have been translated into 25 languages. Christina won the Romance Writers of America’s prestigious Golden Heart and RITA Awards and has been considered the year’s best by Library Journal and Booklist. Talking about specialties in suspense and thriller, Christina Dodd gets the job done well with novellas like the Cape Charade Series that includes:

1) HARD TO KILL: A Cape Charade Short Suspense
2) DEAD GIRL RUNNING: A Cape Charade Full-length Thriller
3) FAMILIES AND OTHER STRANGERS: A Cape Charade Short Suspense
4) WHAT DOESN’T KILL HER: A Cape Charade Full-length Thriller
5) HIDDEN TRUTHS: A Cape Charade Short Suspense
6) STRANGERS SHE KNOWS: the Grand Finale of Cape Charade suspense series

Start the adventure

This upcoming Novella of a murder in Alaska will be out on November 1, 2020 and ready for any book lovers that appreciate a mix of suspense, mystery, and the rise of a new in town hero. Don’t think twice to get along with this new adventure and make sure to look for more about Christina Dood in her web page https://www.christinadodd.com/