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Free book- EpiCuts The pieces of episodes in a life by S.S. Jarali

Free book- EpiCuts The pieces of episodes in a life by S.S. Jarali

EpiCuts The pieces of episodes in a life will be available for free from 6 September, 12 P.M. for 24 hours. You can read this book for free on Amazon Kindle tomorrow and there is no need for Kindle Unlimited subscription to read the book tomorrow. If you are wondering “How can I read a book in one day” then know that this book is of 35 pages only. So, you can finish this book under 40 minutes.

Lets talk about the book

There are so many instances of life which can be told without any structure or condition. Such instances ruminate us or become a glimpse of life. Such glimpses are known to be epi-cuts (the pieces of episodes in a life), hence being a part of the short-story. It takes you through the epi-cuts of four lives which makes you laugh, doubt, think and then, finally question the scenario.

It contains four unique modules:
Ever thought of a girl, who has brought up in a conservative family background? What is running on her mind?
However, how will be your response, if at all encountered her glimpse of life?
The funny instance (Epi-cut); trips you through the dialogues of three humans, who are struggling for getting the content.
The Epi-cut of a girl’s reaction to the role being offered to her!
Well-versed with the above three chapters, then this chapter will reveal the character me!

The title of this book EpiCuts is short form of Episodes+Cuts (EpiCuts) which means that the glimpse of various life moments captured in a single frame.

This book is not a collection of stories because stories have a beginning, plot and an end but this book is depiction of a random event of life. Although the book is based on fictional stories yet it will give you a splash of non-fiction.

So, I recommend you to read this book because some books with a plot or lengthy books are not very convincing which this book does in just 35 pages.

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Note the time from which this book will be available for free for 24 hours only. The time is 12 P.M. on 6 September.

Book Link: EpiCuts The pieces of episodes in a life

S.S. Jarali Instagram Link: jarali_writings

PS: This book is free for Kindle Unlimited users. KU users can read it anytime.



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