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Always Accept your past

Hello everyone, friendship is the most important part of our life. We need a friend in our life with whom you can share and speak anything. The value of friendship in the world is the hardest thing for anyone to understand, it is not something you do in school or learn from parents but, if you have not learned anything in your life you will not understand the value of friendship. Those are very lucky people who have friends in their lives.

So, here is a book You Are The Best Friend by Ajay k Pandey. A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. This story is full of emotions and I love reading this book.

On the special day the beautiful blooming love,between two dear friends become a lifetime commitment”.

Let’s Know About Book:

So, begins the journey of two who poles apart.

‘Ajay’ lost everything his soulmate, his love & his reason to live, her name is ‘Bhavna’ his wife. No amount of medication was helping him to get out of this depression. But, he was firm about his wish to immortalize his wife. One day ‘Ajay’ meets ‘Anisha’ and questioned about the person he love & hate the most, then he immediately replied, he loved his wife the most and he hates god. As a normal person ‘Anisha’ found this strange as she loved god. The clueless stare towards him proved, she was taken aback by such out of box answer. In “Art of Living in Rudraprayag” they learnt love & hatred are interrelated. When we experience something good, we love the reason behind it, and hate the causes, if the experience is bad. But one should not hate the person, rather hate the experience.

‘Anisha’ judgement for ‘Ajay’ changed by a caring and guileless gesture. She proves to be a true best friend gave him the gift of happiness & smile by the

 “The death of any loved parent is an incalculable lasting blow. Because no one ever loves you again like that”.

A New Way to Live Life :

The best way to live life accept your past without regret, handle your present with confidence and face your future without fear.

“You Are The Best Friend” is indeed a happy ending, where ‘Ajay’ finds the best friend for life in the form of ‘Anisha’.

Today we love our parents, tomorrow we will love our friends. When we love, we do not replace the person, we always add a new relationship “This is the beauty of love”. It will surely reaffirm our faith in life and will give us lots of hope & reasons to smile in the cruel world. Love the people god gave you, because he will need them back one day.

This book has very nice and heart touching quotes such as:

  •  The best thing and the best medicine is when two people sit together                                 and talk from the heart
  • Depression is a problem of the intelligent, fools never suffer from it.
  • The prettiest smile hides the deepest of tears and the prettiest eyes                                   the ones that have cried the most.
  • The scars which you cannot see take the longest to heal.

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