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The Satisfying Love

The room was beautifully decorated with red balloons, red roses, a round-shaped chocolate cake was placed on the center of the table with a bottle of wine. It seems that it is a special day but what?

Someone was coming up, oh! A woman entered the room. She looks really beautiful in her evening black gown with light makeup. She is waiting for someone; she is losing her patience with each passing minute. There was silence all over the house, the sound of the ticking-tick of the clock disturbed her. She checked the time, it shows at 9 pm, now she decided to call.

Bell was ringing … no one answered the phone. She tried several times but the result was the same. She became sad and just sat on a nearby couch and slept.

Tringgg…suddenly the doorbell rang. She got up and ran to open the door. She is happy after seeing her husband on the door; he came inside silently. After closing the door, she immediately hugged him from behind.

O ‘honey where were you? Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for you? She said softly.

Don’t you know that I am not free like you? I work a lot in the office. He said harshly and with one jerk removed her hands.

She was surprised by his behavior but somehow calmed herself.

Oh sorry dear, but you have forgotten that today is our 5th anniversary and I have prepared your favorite dishes and also planned a surprise for you.

Oh Shut Up Just Shut Up Tara! What the hell is this … just these nonsense celebrations all the time, you have no work to do instead of wasting my money? I am not working all day for these things.

She just dumbstruck to her place and tears up in her eyes.

Oh Tara, don’t start crying like a baby now. You know I’m fed up with you. He nodded and went to his room.

She was shocked and didn’t know how to react to this situation. She also went to her room and the scenario made her even more shocked, he just ruined her all hard-work, everything which she made and decorated for him with all love. The room is completely messed now. He gave her a look and went to the washroom.

She could not digest all these things and suddenly she noticed some papers, which were half out of her bag. She went to the bag and got out the papers. But after reading them, she was completely shocked and stunned at her place.

Suddenly he came out of the washroom and saw those papers in her hands. She went to him

What’s this Vinay? What’s this? She asked loudly. You’re giving me divorce… her sound became low while saying this.

Yes! he said, it’s good that you get to know about this yourself else I was thinking that how to tell you about this.

So now, you know about this and hopefully, you read the papers too. So just signed them.

What do you mean that just signed them? Do you even have any idea what you’re saying? Are you crazy Vinay?

Yes, Yes. I get crazy because of you. All the time just these silly things made me sick. I want to get free from this toxic relationship.

Sick, you said this relation makes you sick… Wait! Do you have any other women in your life?

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He doesn’t give any answer.

Ohhh! so I’m right. Who’s that girl? tell me Vinay who’s that girl ? she asked him while holding his collar tightly and even her pitch got high with every word.

He jerked her roughly and said loudly, Yes I have, I have someone in my life who is more beautiful and richer than you and who is much important to me. And I’m going to live with her soon. So it’s just better for you to sign the papers and get out of my house and from my life too. He went out of the room after saying that.

She just sat down on the floor with a thud and started sobbing. She was not able to get what happened to her just a minute ago. Her married life was coming to its end which she never expected even in her worse dream and especially in this way-Never.

She composed herself and packed her bag and went out of the house.


It has been 1 month since that incident. She is just standing at the end of the bridge and recalling that incident again. She is alone but not weak even she gets stronger but her eyes filled with tears as she gave everything to her relationship but in return she got nothing. She just wants love and care in return.

After some time, Tara went to her house, she opened the door and switched off the light. The house is dead, silent. She went to sleep without eating dinner. For the past 1 month, her life is going on like this. Yes, she is strong but this heartbreak affects him badly. She forgot to live her life with old enthusiasm, it seems as if these words of happiness and laughter are now far away from her life. The most attractive and bubbly girl turned into a living dead human. But she did not know that the new day awaited with another major storm that would completely change her life.

Next Morning

As usual, she woke up and went for the morning walk, on her way she saw 2 people trying to kidnap a boy, she went to help him, but instead of helping him, she got into the problem. Has fallen. They were both kidnapped and lying unconscious in the van.

The van stopped in-front of old factory which is totally ruined. It’s situated at outskirts of town in a silent place. After sometime when Tara regained her consciousness, she found herself tied and locked in a room with about 30 children, all aged 9-15. She was shocked after seeing them, guessing that they were all kidnapped for child trafficking. They are all crying and looking weak. A boy was sitting nearby her she asked him to untie her and got freed from those ropes.

For some time she could not know how to react to the situation, but somehow she calmed herself and thought to ask them about it.

‘Hi! stop crying’, she said softly to the children ‘Tell me how you all got stuck here.’

No one answered

“Listen, if you tell me about yourself, I can help you, together we can leave this place.”

‘But how will you help us? You are already kidnapped here with us, ‘

one of them asked.

I know I am stuck here too, but if you answer my questions we can leave this place… We have to be brave and instead of sitting idly, we have to get out of this problem on our own. Said, Tara.

We all are kidnapped from the last 5 days. 4 goons are putting an eye on us, said a boy.

Before she asked his name he said sternly, I’m Ronit, age 15, I was kidnaped on Wednesday when I was returning to home from my cricket academy.

Ronit, do you know something more about them. When they came here or something else? Anyone of you? she enquired about goons more.

Yes, they came 3-4 times a day usually at noon and evening. said a girl one of them, But what can we do to get out of this place.

I have a plan said Tara, she dictated her plan.

But it is risky, what if we get caught in worse situation and we are just kids then how can we fight against them, they said.

No, we have to try and we can do this. Listen this is a do or die situation, if we don’t try once, we will regret it later. You are all so strong that together we can fight against them and surely we will win. We are 31 and they’re just 4.

” We are strong but unbeatable when united.”

so come on tell me if you all are with me she asked while forwarding her hand. Everyone said Yes in unison and put their hand over her.

I think someone is coming, we have to execute our plan wisely. said, Tara

They all settled in their place and lowered their faces.

One of the goons entered the room. He realized Tara is not there. He started shouting at the children asked them about her. one of the little girls pointed towards the corner where the boxes are placed. When he reached there, Ronit hit him hard from behind, Tara threw boxes at him and he went fainted. They tied him up. Tara took the gun and phone from him. All the children became happy and new hope arose in them.

Tara hurriedly called the police and told them about this situation.

Police are coming, said Tara, but we have to get out of this place quickly.

Suddenly they heard the footsteps and became aware. When another goon entered the room he was shocked when he found his partner lying on the floor.

Tara tied the scarf over his mouth before he reacted and other children tied his hands and legs, also snatched the gun from him. Tara hit him hard from the gun and he fainted. Tara instructed all the children to leave.

Another two goons were waiting for their partners.

‘Rakesh, why they are taking so long?’ asked their head.

‘I don’t know Bhai… Is everything fine?’ he asked suspiciously.

Suddenly they heard the sound of breaking, they follow the sound and were shocked to see all the children running away with Tara.

‘ Hey stop on your places, shouted Head of the goon while firing the bullet in the air.

All stopped at there place and turned around.

Where are you all going? you all are trying to run away from our web. said the head

‘ Rakesh catch them all and teach them a lesson of trying to ruin our plan.’But before Rakesh could do anything, Ronit and his 3 friends hit them from behind due to this, their guns fall. Ronit picks up the guns fast. Both the goon try to hurt them but are attacked by other children and Tara.

Soon the police arrived and saw them fighting against goons together. They caught the goons and freed all the kids and Tara from there.

After reaching the ”Suraksha” orphanage safely, all the kids thanked Tara for all the support. Soon parents reached there and hugged their child. Children narrated the whole story to the police and parents. They all thanked her wholeheartedly.

All the children leave for their home and Tara too was going, suddenly ‘Raksha’ the owner of the orphanage stopped her.

‘Miss Tara you did a great job. Some of our orphanage kids were also in mortgage and your bravery save them all. I just want you to come and meet our other kids. They all will be delighted after meeting you.

Tara could not deny her and went to meet other children with her.

Raksha introduces her to the children. All the children welcomed her with claps and a warm smile on their faces. Soon Tara started playing with them and spend some quality time there.

After sometime when Tara stand at the door, she was smiling after a long time. She was happy from the heart.

Tara(POV) – I was really mad. See these kids, they have no-one in their life except this orphanage. At a young age, they have faced a lot but still, they’re smiling, living their life fully without thinking about the future.

I was just depressed with a heartbreak. Maybe this divorce is good, at least I can find myself again instead of losing. I didn’t even realize how badly I was missing myself and now I should see the positive side of this situation.

Today these kids made me realize that I can be happy alone. Instead of thinking about the bad chapters of my life, I should stop hurting myself day by day. I think I know what I have to do now, I found the motive of my life.

One day when Tara was in the market, she bumped with someone.

Sorry… she stopped in the middle

Tara! How are you? Vinay asked

Yes, Vinay. After the whole 2 years, she met him. She was quiet.

Vinay, Why you stop? Come fast, can’t you see I’m getting late? Vinay’s wife shouted.

Vinay feels embarrassed in front of Tara. ‘She is my wife, Ria’ he paused for a minute Sorry Tara whatever happened…

Thank you! said Tara smilingly.

Vinay was confused, before he asked, Tara said, Thankyou for the divorce, for ridding me of that toxic relationship.

I would never have found myself if I hadn’t taken this step that day. Thank you!

And Ya, I’m good and wish you luck too. Have a great life Vinay.

Every word of her made him feel more guilty and Tara walked away with a satisfied smile on her face. Yes, sometimes she had thought what if someday she met him or how will she react? But today she is proud of herself, now she moved on in her life without any regrets and pain.

So this is all about me. This is my journey, a satisfying journey. 62-year-old women speak.

You’re very inspiring Mam, your journey from a lifeless and depressed Tara turning into a great social worker or I can say a leading activist of the global world is motivating, said anchor, but before warping up this show would you like to say something to our audience?

From my journey, I learned one most important thing that you don’t need any person to live. What you need is a motive, a goal of your life, its the only thing which shows you the beauty of your life and how much you’re blessed to have one. Don’t breakdown because someone left you whether stand up and go ahead in your life without any regrets. It’s not the end rather it is another opportunity to find yourself in this big world, to make your own identity and shine like the sun in the sky.

Because Sun shines alone in the sky, it doesn’t need anyone to light up the sky even it gives it’s light to the moon to shine in the night sky. So be the sun in your life instead of someone else’s moon.

Everyone clapped in the hall.

Short story byBhawna




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