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Journey of transformation

Hii friends,  as being a teenager every person go through many adventures or we can simply say it as adventure stage in every human life. Teenage is the stage of learning too. Every teenager goes through full of disappointments, failures, setbacks and with more of expectations and also with confusion due to lack of clarity about what is right and what is wrong. So,  here is book A Girl To Remember by Ajay K Pandey.

Teenage life is possibly adult life too is all about what you want and can’t have.And then about what you receive & misuse.

Let’s know about book:

So, journey of transformation of a man, who was rejected by everyone but loved only by an irrational girl.

In every angle a demon hides, and in every demon, an angle strides, Neel is self proclaimed demon, a slave to his desires, putting a stake, even the purest of reletionship for it. He lives for himself takes life as it comes and Condiers people who love as emotional fools. When he first sets his eyes on his new loundary, a widow Who is eleven years elders to him all he can see is an opportunity. He has a plan to get rich & is working hard to achieve it, until he bumps into Pihu. She is an immature teenager, who likes Neel for no apparent reason and blindly believes that he is an angel who will take away all his life’s troubles. Neel hates Pihu for her unexplained obession and her being a hindrance in his plan, but her firm resolve to see a good person in him shakes . Neel to the care Pihu  the innocent soul who has pure hearts as that of a little child she knows no goods no wrongs, She knows is that god will send an angel which will take away all his worries and will Make her happy like never before.

life of teenager:->

A girl to remember, The other explains in beautfully how neel gets rid of his demons Which held him back since a very long time .

Neel’s Character is releted to a lot of youngesters.
Now a days who face peer presure their parents want their child to fullfill their dreams and walk on the path that they choose for the child. Not even considering the fact that what might be going through the child’s mind.
And when when the child fails on those expectations they start making the child feel inferior by comparing him/her. The children are not even all allowed to think for themselves & Made to walk on a path that they know nothing about. This result in suicides depresion.

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Three stages of life

TEENS :  you have all the time and energy but no money.

WORKERS : you have all the money and energy but no time.

OLDIES : you have all the time and money but no energy.

LESSION : Enjoy life and all the things you have at the moment because you                                      can’t have everything all at once.




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