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WhatsApp new beta update for Android brings a self-destructing message

WhatsApp follows features of other messaging services like Telegram and Snapchat have, from old but hot status feature to new self-destruction message. It’s become a tradition to copy other features. The new self-destruction feature works the same as its name suggests. This feature has been released by WhatsApp on its Android Beta version number 2.19.348.

As the feature is similar to Telegram’s ‘Disappearing messages’ this time WhatsApp at least changed the name to ‘Delete Messages’. For starters, this feature will available on group chats and the user can control the feature. Users can choose the time and duration of the message. And for the selected time the message will be visible to the other group members. After the time is up the delivered message in the group will vanish. Users can select from an hour, a day, a month to 1 year.


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This feature may come in handy for small events like you are throwing a party and sent an invitation message in the group and then you can select the ‘Delete Messages’ time for like a day. Then, if some of your group members saw the message the next day don’t worry the invitation has already vanished.

The feature is only for the Android beta users first. If you are not in the beta program you have to wait for the stable update. There are some other features in development like the ‘Dark Mode’ feature. Reported this feature will roll out for the iOS users first, users with the iOS 13 will also enjoy more features like call waiting support, chat screen redesign, etc.


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