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The cool breeze touched my skin as i was staring at the stars of a beautiful night sky. It was 11:11 in the midnight and as some people claim that this time signals the spirit presence, I felt the warmth presence of you. I wonder how fool I was to never realize that the love I was searching around was right in front of me. I recalled how we met, arugued and then turned into such a close friend and now the feelings are indescribable.

Flashback of the night we met started coming in front of me like I was living it. I saw myself smiling like never before, I was talking to a person for the first time and I didn’t hesitated. Love has always a defination for me, i.e., love is magical; yet i felt it that moment but I was unaware of it. A sudden sound of a car horn brought me back to the reality.

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I saw the watch and only half an hour was remained for the new year to begin. Previous year in the new year eve I had texted you telling you are annoying but amazing too, but this year I wanted to tell you that how much I am in love with you. From the far I heard the song, ” you’re carzy and I’m out of my mind, ’cause all of me, loves all of you…”, I remembered how we argue over all the silly things, from being overthinker to not having food, to the rides we want and the issues with friends. I feel like home when I share all my words and thoughts to you.

I remembered how the person for whom I never thought of , now I pray for him every single day and night. As i was lost in thoughts my phone rang, it was 12 am and yet a new year and call was from “wonder”. I picked the call, ” Happy New Year kiddo”he said, ” Happy New Year handsome”, I replied. “You wanted to say something right?”, he asked; “you won’t understand, it’s beyond words”, I replied. Deep down I knew he doesn’t feel the same way as I do and if I confess I will lose my best friend too.

Story by – Smriti subba

Smriti subba



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