Big money Energy by Ryan Serhant

Big money Energy by Ryan Serhant
Big money Energy by Ryan Serhant

National Best Selling author Ryan Serhant has come back to spread the richness spirit among people with his new book; “Big Money Energy” Ryan is a money maker person, and he is well known for his real estate business. Becoming a billionaire is everyone’s dream. To achieve this dream, one has to put effort and work towards the betterment of it. Ryan is here to make us understand the secret of the journey of his life. He has shared the secrets to elevate the business model and tips and tricks to enhance it.

Big money Energy by Ryan Serhant

About the Author:

Serhant Ryan, the star of Million Dollar Listing New York and sell like it has come up with his new book. Ryan is an author, real estate broker, and television celebrity. Apart from his famous TV shows, he has appeared on many channels CNN, CNBC, FOX, etc. In 2018, his debut book, which went best-seller on the New York times as well as on Wall Street Journal. In his first book; Sell It Like Serhant he has told how to sell more, earn more, and become the ultimate sales machines. In this book, he has motivated and taught readers about the selling techniques and tricks. Let us see what his new book is about.

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About the story:

Big Money Energy, the name itself gives optimistic energy and vibes. In his new book, he shows readers and explains to them how to re-construct their approach to make money to gain success in business as well as in life. His book is a path for turning financial dreams into financial realities. Big Money Energy is the collection of tools and tricks that one should know to make more money. This book is the journey of Ryan from a less confident person to a highly confident one and his elevation in the financial field. He believes that people have strategies, but they lack the energy to execute them. To know more secrets on this, pre-order the book, and it would be available from 21st January 2021. The book will be available for pre-order on his official website

Ryan is excited and more emotional to share his second book is available for pre-order. In his post, he has compared present himself with the 10-years back’s Ryan. From how he managed to have a life with $10,000 per annum to making his first million in first 3-years. He also mentions the Big Money Energy is special to him.


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