Cherry Blossom by abel johnson(Book review)

Cherry Blossoms by abel johnson
The Black Swan Book

Cherry Blossom book which is written by Abel Johnson is filled with a lot of creative and unique incidents.

From the author of the critically acclaimed debut People Who Knew Me comes the story of one man’s determination to abandon his will to live.

Cherry Blossoms by abel johnson

Once in the evening time it started raining. A lady and a child were stuck in the rain. The lady opened her umbrella and shared it with a child. Then they both went to the nearest house and knocked the door. In that house lived a beautiful middle aged lady who told them to stay at her house due to the weather. Her name was Macaulay.

The lady told Ms Macaulay that she was stuck for an hour in Hacoalwen.

The authors talent is spirited, at times breathtaking, and at the height of its bloom. Cherry Blossoms is a lovely meditation on loss, renewal and the ephemeral nature of life. I just loved it.”
The next chapter is related to Makis life who was in orphanage few years ago and he described it was great living there with friends but as the days passed the friends passed out of the Orphanage and adoped faster.
Every new comer hated him only because he looked ugly. Every nation has different views about beauty he believed.

The chapter three is a Breakfast Speech in which Maki says something more unexpected and strange in front of all and everyone was like who taught you such strange words.
Afterwards they did fireplace under a table.

Part mystery, with a dash of fun guide, and a dark humor, Cherry Blossoms is a mind-blowing and an innovative idea. I won’t soon forget it.


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