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Destiny is in your hands by Gaurav Garg

Destiny is in your hands is a debut novel by Gaurav Garg, even though it is his first book he wrote a lot about life through his book with simple English which can be understood easily. The book, “Destiny is in your hands” is filled with crimes in the first part and other part explains about life of a girl moulding her self to the situations while she lost her caring father when she was child.

Story :

The book mainly tells about life and tells about how we have to try to get out of negativity which is happening in our life, this book mainly is in two parts, Part one is about the boy who lost his parents in the childhood and how he involved in crime and illegal activities to earn easy money to live and get through the hard times he face. While part two tells about a girl lost her father in childhood and how his loss affects her family.

It is a simple story which explains a lot about life and situations where normal people have to deal in regular life.

Destiny is in your hands by gaurav garg

Pros :

Story narration through words in simple English helps to read quickly and there will be always a suspense about what’s going to happen in those lives.

2. A good read book with silent characters and lot of life lessons.

Cons :

1. These is no major twist in the book which is expected to have since major part of the book is on drug dealing and illegal activities in the past life or in family.

2. As this book is about story of two people with no connection, part one went well but there is no clear ending. While part two is good to read story and with good life lessons.

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Review of “Destiny is in your hands” by Gaurav garg:

Destiny is in your hands is a good read story with silent characters and lessons in life, one should always keep in mind, but the story lacks a twist and good ending at one part. While narration is good and title is well justified “Destiny is in your hands”.


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