Meet Samantha Evans, Author of Ella the exciting new Fantasy Fiction Novel Released on November 2019.

-Now, Samantha Evans, being a dear friend of mine I know your novel is an eBook, and paperback book. Tell us more about yourself and your book

I was Born in Northern California. Wife, mother to three amazing children, and author of fantasy and adventure. Brings adventure with a mix of fantasy to the pages. Advocate for people who have Russel Silver Syndrome, and epilepsy.

Ella tells the tale of Prince Liam of Derzeli who believes differently in what honor means. Liam’s brother believe that true honor is achieved once they slay a dragon. Liam believes that dragons are majestic and do not deserve to die. King Breen, Liam’s father, brings Liam along on an expedition to slay a dragon. On one of the nights of the expedition, Liam rescued a dragon’s egg. Liam decides to care for it, and it hatches on Liam’s birthday. Tragedy strikes, and Ella helps him realize if he has to follow his destiny or run away from it.

-Sounds fascinating! What inspired you to write this book?

Fantasy authors with creativity. Being able to create worlds that catches people’s eyes. How the worlds are amazing it makes people want to turn the page.

-Great! What was the main challenge you faced when creating your book?

Finding the best way to have it edited.

-Yes that is indeed a common challenge that faces many authors when writing their books. How do you stand out from your competition?

I show my creativity. Being able to create my own worlds, and have it being interesting.

-Well Ella is a fascinating tale am sure! Are you a huge reader yourself? And what do you usually read? Any favorites?

I love reading books. Fantasy. My favorites are Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, and Outlander series!

-It is very important for authors to be good readers, a fact that many writers don’t realize. When you read a lot you know what is good and what is not, so when you write you write from a stand view of a reader, and putting the reader as a factor in writing makes the story more relatable and enjoyable. Tell us, what is your next step as an author?

Writing more books that can be interesting to readers.

-I know you already published two other volumes in the “Land of the Four” Series, titled “Blood brothers” and “The secret son”, and now working on the fourth and final volume. Do you have any tips or advice for other aspiring indie authors?

Never give up. There is so much when it comes to writing books. If you have any idea write it down in some way!

That’s awesome, thank you Samantha Evans for those great insights! We all wish you the best of luck, and we look forward to seeing your next piece of work.

Ella is now available on Amazon.




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