From teen to teen: How to attain your best life by Pham Ho Vuong

From teen to teen:
This is a self-help book that talks about how the problems, obstacles that teenagers are facing which block them from achieving their goals and how to combat those issues. Prominent problems which the book talks about are fear, self-satiafaction. The book also guides teens on how to lead a work hard, play hard lifestyle and how to plan and record the progress when doing something.
•What is fear and self-satisfaction in teenagers and how to overcome them
•How to look at things from different angles to evaluate a situation thoroughly
•What criticism and advice are and how they can be extremely beneficial for you
•The importance of planning and recording the process when doing anything
•How to lead a “Work hard, play hard” lifestyle and how it can change your life
From teen to teen:
Some of the meaningful lessons from the book:
  • A successful life begins with good actions. Good actions will lead to good habits. Good habits cultivate good qualities, and good qualities allow us to live a successful life but these things should get started at an early age of life.
  • Don’t let what you have already possessed, blur your vision of something better. Life is an ongoing process when we make ourselves stagnant at a point when we reach the goal, progress slows down. Most of us cannot achieve what we truly want in life because we get easily satisfied with ourselves. Self-satisfaction is much deceptive than fear.
  • Always have a tremendous thrust for knowledge, as it is the best tool that can help you to go further. Be unconditionally loyal to your core values and beliefs.
  • Taking some calculative risks is highly essential to take a step further in your life
  • Indolence is primitive, natural, and invincible. We cannot blame ourselves for this quality, as all of us are born with it and will die with it. However, we can do is suppress it. However, what we can do is suppress it and maintain it at a minimum level, and to the extent we can, each of us controls our slothfulness and decide how successful we will be in life.
  • You need a strong will and persistence in doing things you don’t enjoy.
All in all, it is a very helpful and interesting book that every teenager should read. Another unique point of the book is that it was written by a teenager, which makes the book more inspirational and worth-reading for teenagers. I definitely recommend this book.


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