Georgina is excited about new cover design for her book Forever and Ole

Forever and Ole
Forever and Ole

Georgina C. P. a freelance writer has come up with her first novel “Forever and Ole.” He is happy to share the new book cover designed by my teal giraffe designs of her first novel.

Forever and ole

About the author:

Georgina is from Teddington, London, and has contributed to various marketing campaigns, home building, and renovation Magazines. Her specialization is in interior and garden design but now her work extends to mental health and wellbeing.  She is a passionate writer and strongly believes that writers should always write based on their experience or research and not just out of thin air.

About the story:

Forever and Ole‘ is Georgina’s first novel. Georgina is a true Spanish adventurer. The story of the book is the real experience of her travel to Spain. The story goes like that, when she entered Valencia, she was just 26 years old. She has never imagined that her life is going to change. Georgina knew that her new life would never be ordinary.

It all started in eastern Spain, where Georgina and her boyfriend Jason were enjoying the greenery. Gin-drunk grannies flirtatious friendship and eccentric area were the part of the journey. Then an exciting opportunity takes them to the north-west area of Spain.  It was the time when disastrous events started to occur. In that wet and forestry area, they embarked on their new stone house project – a priest’s rectory that has fallen. They start their new way of living in that rural area. Because of darkness, the couple gets courage and power to decide their future forcefully. Will they explore Valencia with the tourist opportunities or train the unpredictable wild wolf of Galicia?

‘Forever and Ole’ is a true and adventurous story. In this book, you will feel the real adventure of Spain. The author has described the beauty of Spain in an innovative way. The book is going to inspire you and will motivate you in deep. The book will give you tons of excitement. How a 26-year-old lady faced the situation in an unknown country with her boyfriend. Forever and Ole will be available in Amazon as kindle version and is published by Independent.

In a recent tweet, Georgina has thanked my teal giraffe designs for the beautiful new book cover design created by them. She happily announced the new book cover design for her new book. In her twitter profile, she introduces herself as a writer, upholsters, interior designer, and restorer. She currently lives with her husband Jason in Wilshire.


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