Meet Urja Dhawan, Author of The Ancient Eye

The ancient eye by

Meet Urja Dhawan, Author of The Ancient Eye the new exciting fantasy adventure Novel Released on the 21st June 2020

-Now, Urja, I understand your novel is an ebook. Tell us more about your book

A young historian is forced to embark on a mystical yet deadly adventure when she lands herself and the world itself in turmoil!

She discovers love, unveils lies and finds herself knee-deep in the middle of An Ancient Conspiracy!

She must find the mage or suffer the wrath of The Eye.

-Sounds very interesting! What inspired you to write this book?

The reader inside me did! I was lately on a hunt for novels and when I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for, I thought why not write it .

-Yes as an author myself I find myself wanting to customize many of my reads to match my taste too sometimes, What was the main challenge you faced when creating your book?

That would definitely be keyword selection for my book!

-Yes, that is a common challenge indeed, How do you stand out from your competition?

My story is a novelette and hence, appropriate for readers who want to dive into a magical world but don’t have lots of time, particularly students.

It’s quite a challenge to find a book in the fantasy genre which is full of adventure and has an unsolved mystery attached to it .. that too under a hundred pages!

The ancient eye by urja dhawan

-That is a very good point, Are you a huge reader yourself? And what do you usually read? Any favorites?

Yes! I love reading, especially fantasy and paranormal (including occult and horror. I don’t read or like paranormal romance with shifters).

My favorite genre would be supernatural. I like a lot of books but my all time favorites are Skeleton Crew by Stephen King , Sherlock Holmes series and point horror-prom dress

-Stephen King is one of my favorites too. Tell us, what is your next step as an author?

Currently, I’m working on a paranormal mystery with gothic elements in it.

-Sounds intriguing, Do you have any tips or advice for other aspiring indie authors?

Yes! To all the aspiring authors out there…write for yourself.  Write what you yourself would love to read. No matter what sub-genre you choose to write in, someone would be there to love it…

Don’t write as a critique, don’t write as an author but write with the mindset of a reader.

-That is great advice indeed, I share the same opinion and have always tried to voice it to as many people as I can.

-So Urja, Is there anything else you would like to add?

I wrote this book because I was bored of the too common trope used in paranormal genre-the shifter romance.  And I loved it.

Being an avid reader myself, I would say write what you’ll yourself read

-That’s awesome, thank you Urja for those great insights and we all wish you the best of luck, we look forward to seeing your next piece of work.

The Ancient eye is available now on Kindle Unlimited, check it out:


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