My Mother’s Love by Rishika Chopra

My mother's love book

Being an writer is not so easy for anyone and this author of book My Mother’s love by Rishika chopra says that writing keeps her at peace and completes her personality. She aspires to become a meaningful writer who can change the way people think and what they believe to be right. Recently she had published a book called my mother’s love, where she talks about love and people.

Story :

FACADE, that which is worn by every individual to cover his realest nature which lets them stay disconnected to their deepest disturbing desires all their lives. But A very few, a rare lot gets the chance or the mischance of facing theirs. This mischance shatters their very appearance of what they supposed they were and they end up doing the unimaginable.
My mother's love book

This is how Lovers and Murderers are made!.  Welcome to Whiskerson, the gullible town where nothing is as blissful as it appears. Known as the residence of the famous artist, Mrs. Alicia Frankford who one day got fed up of her impeccable life and took it away. But did she? She had the Perfect Life, The Perfect Husband and a Perfect Lover! She was fortunate enough to have had a love that made her go weak in the knees and one that compelled her to break the restraints of her heart. But which one of these was True? Is Love Ever True or is it just a Trickery?

Unravel the conundrum of her death along with her loving lovers, not so loving friends, her town and most essentially her Secrets, which Alas, never vanished like she did! Revolving in two time zones, uncover the lies covered so well and unveil the Sin which was unheard and unknown to the world, till now!

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About author :

The author ‘Rishika Chopra’ is a perfect amalgamation of childlike spark and deep sensibility. She is the embodiment of what a young girl must have to become a successful and enterprising lady. A graduate in Political Science & Journalism, Rishika one day aims to create a world where there is no fear of judgement and every single soul feels grateful and most importantly ‘Happy!’

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