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One Day Life Will Change by Saranya Umakanthan

One Day Life Will Change by Saranya Umakanthan

We all are going through tough times and what we  need right now are comfort reads. So, I have brought “Saranya Umakanthan’s” book “One Day Life Will Change”. Her formal education is B.tech computer science but, she has ventured into the world of inspiring romantic stories with her passion for writing.

A romantic by nature Saranya love gazing at the night sky, while enjoy a cup of coffee, Author exhibits her creativity in coding as well as in writing. A smooth paced story with easy language  and intriguing writing style, this book will loved by young readers.

Let’s know about the book

It is the story of a girl Samaira , who seems intent  on running away from love ,hope and her aspiration after the great jolt in her life . she has gone through an  abusive marriage  and when she is free  to get back to her old self , her family meets an accident . She is felt alone  and no one to call as family , she has  no hope in living , but soon sun shines in her life in the form of Vivian . Vivian too is smitten by Samaira .  While  Vivian is the  successful and dynamic head of  creative tanks and has dreams of being the top entrepreneur in India.

As book cover show’s “ A Story  of love and inspiration to win the life , when its hits your hard” with some due to her reality said by author . Life always will take the test of your strength to find out your tolerance . This book is not only about love and romance, it also help you to how to drive your dreams and passion.

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This Book tells you about:

  • “ What is real life”
  • “ Path of success”.
  • “Success and failure of successful person”
  • “ know about your yourself”

Above all the point’s ,i got to know , while reading this book.This books really change my perception about success .

“Small step in the right direction can turn out to be the biggest step of your life”.


Life will definitely change,but you only learn from the past. Holding on the past tightly might choke your future, leave it behind and move on. When the world crumbles around you, don’t show your despair. Dress to kill. Don’t show the world that you had a bad day. There are a lot of people waiting just to see you fall, don’t give them the satisfaction of watching you cry.

An absolute wonderful and heart touching story, which will surely make you emotional Something which beautifully shows us the meaning of true love.

The main protagonist in the book is Samaira. We all have that time in our life when things are going wrong all around us , and life feels chaotic even hopeless. You are losing  motivation and the ability to think clearly. Same happened with Samaira after her divorce and loss of her family. She lost everything her dreams, passion and hope. On the other hand Vivian is an young aspiring entrepreneur.

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