Open Secrets by Sheila Kohler

Open Secrets by Sheila Kohler
Open Secrets by Sheila Kohler

After the launch of many best-seller books, Sheila Kohler is back with her new book named “Open Secrets.” All of us have many secrets in our personal life and love life. We all struggles through different ups and downs of the family. Sheila, in her upcoming book, unfolds the secrets about a thrilling and suspense-filled life of a husband and wife. Let us walk you through the Author and her new book, which is releasing soon.

Open Secrets by Sheila Kohler

Kohler won two O’Henry prizes for the books The Mountain in 1988 and The Transitional Object in 2008. Kohler’s first book was published in 1987. Sheila Kohler is born in Johannesburg, SA. She has won many hearts with her past books. Her short story African was chosen for the Best American Short stories of 1999. Her previous book was, “Once we were sisters is the memoir.” She wrote that book post getting the news of her sister’s demise by getting killed by brother-in-law. Her published novel Crack was nominated for an Impac Award. The same book came out as a film directed by Jordan Scott is now streaming on Netflix. One can find more details for her on her website.

Story :

Open secrets say about the couple who don’t have secrets but, the secret is what is to hide. The secrets of a couple are revealed, and which led them in separation. The story moves between three places, namely French Riviera, Switzerland, and Amagansett. The couple named Michel and Alice, where the husband is a Swiss banker, gets to know that his wife is betraying him. In turn, Michel helped his Russian client, who put him into trouble. He not only endangered his life, but also his wife and a 14-year daughter, named Pamela. Pamela doesn’t seem to have a usual life instead, it is full of thrilling one. To know her thrilling life, and to see the secrets of Michel and Alice stay tuned till July 07, 2020.

The book is available in the paperback as well as Kindle edition. Moreover, it will be available in various stores like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and many more. The book will be published by Penguin Books.

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The Penguin Books, the publisher of Open Secrets, is excited to share the releasing date of the book. The post has the appreciating comment “Family drama, and organized crime collide in this gripping, often touching thriller.” by the publishers weekly.



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