The identity issue: Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief


Percy Jackson or how Mr. D, his camp director, wrongly called him “Peter Johnson” maybe because he never learned his name or didn’t care at all, in his last line of the book said: “I’ll be back next summer, I’ll survive until then.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians book one The Lightning Thief: A New Identity

After all, I am your son.” Surely that new knowledge of whom he really is will bring some big changes throughout Percy’s adventures, and we can expect that he will be encountering some big-headed enemies along the way. Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lighting Thief, is the first book in Rick Riordan’s young adult series; full of adventure, action, funny dialogue, new friendships, and the knowledge of a new identity makes of this first book a very good start for the series. Identity is one of the topics that is discussed, not only in the beginning of the book, but also throughout the whole story. Maybe finding out that your math teacher, Mrs. Dodds, wanted to kill you because you are some sort of half god-half human it’s quite impressive and can make you change the way you see the world around you. In all the book we can see a Percy Jackson turning from being a normal dyslexic, ADHD, 12-year-old, who for some reason got also bullied by a girl, to a potential big hero. The thing is, he needs to start doing two things: Make wise decisions, and never come back from them.

Maybe these two things Percy needs to practice in all his adventure is something every person, indeed, must start doing. Knowing who you are, and which are your responsibilities really makes anyone think twice what changes need to be done. Problems and fear are always going to strike somebody that is trying to live out for who she or he really is, and sometime we will have to face struggles like having to kill a demonic math teacher, or killing an evil witch that turns people into hard rock statues just by watching them; it can be any struggle. Percy never gave up, who could imagine a 12-year-old helping the most powerful beings in the planet (the Greek gods)? Maybe he felt afraid sometimes, and surely, he had a lot of problems to face. The thing is he now knows who he really is and what that means.

Big identity equals big changes that must be made as fast as possible, but the question now is, maybe we should have asked it in the beginning, who are you? While you read Percy Jackson and The Olympians series think about this…and by the way you will have so much fun reading this and all the books of the series.


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