Sex and Vanity by Kavin Kwan, author of books trilogy

Sex and Vanity by Kavin Kwan
Sex and Vanity by Kavin Kwan

Kevin Kwan the author of Crazy Rich Asians, the international best-selling novel is back with another book named “Sex and Vanity.” His old books trilogy has won many hearts of people, and the new releasing book has the same expectations. When a love story has no suspense and thrill, we do not feel it is a real love story. The author scripts the love story on his way of writing in his new novel. Wondering about the author and his life, are you excited for his new book? Let us put the light on Kavin’s journey as an author and the about see about his book.

Sex and Vanity by Kavin Kwan

About the author :

Kavin Kwan, a Singaporean author, started his career from his trilogy’s first book called Crazy Rich Asians in 2009. This book was inspired by Kavin’s childhood memories when he was in Singapore.  After the huge success of the first book, Kavin released his second book of the trilogy China Rich Girlfriend.  Later in 2017, he came up with the final book in the trilogy named Rich People Problems. The film Crazy Rich Asians was adapted from the first book of his trilogy. It became Hollywood’s highest-grossing film in the rom-com genre for over a decade. In 2018, Kavin was one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time Magazine.

Story : 

Sex and Vanity is the tale of a young woman who finds herself sandwiched between two men. A young woman Lucie Churchill meets a man called George Zao on the jewel-like island of Capri. She falls in love with the very moment her eyes catch George. At the start, she denies the feeling she had for George.

Lucie is the daughter of an American-born Chinese mother and a New Yorker father. She always modified her Asian side. Lucie had a flashback of memories with George. Even now, she could not handle her heart from falling for George. Lucie was in the great hurricane of life, where her family, her fiancee, and ultimately she herself were trapped.

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What do you think of how is she going to tackle this situation of life? Let’s wait for the book until it’s out. To know the entire story, don’t forget to buy the Kindle Edition of the book at Amazon from 30th June 20020. The Publisher of the book is the  Cornerstone Digital.

Kavin is so enthusiastic about his new release. He shared the book cover on his Instagram account along with the review from kirkus_reviews and joyfully started his day stating “What a great way to start Monday.”


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