Soul Pursuit


Meet Chip Tudor, Author of Soul Pursuit the new exciting Christian Detective Novel Released in March of 2019.

-Now, Chip Tudor, I understand your novel is in three formats: paperback, ebook and audio book. Tell us more about yourself and your book.

I began writing as a freelance copywriter. For over 10 years, it was my full-time gig. When I was hired as a pastor, I started writing faith-based books. I’ve written four, faith-based books that are non-fiction. Soul Pursuit is my first fiction novel. It’s about Jack Sterling, a former Navy SEAL that is hired as a bounty hunter to apprehend a war veteran fugitive that jumped bail. At the same time, Jack experiences his own spiritual quest. He ends up in a dual pursuit: Searching to find a brother in arms and his own soul.

-Very Impressive. What inspired you to write this book?

I really enjoy reading mystery and detective novels. I especially enjoy the Spencer Detective series by Robert B. Parker. I admire Parker’s crisp style of writing and especially his witty dialogue. I wanted to imitate his style and see if I could write an entertaining, inspirational book with a Christian message that was not preachy, but realistically woven into the story.

-That’s a smart approach. What was the main challenge you faced when creating your book?

The hardest part for me was figuring out the story, piecing it together so that it made sense and had a natural flow. And then write the first draft. I had to force myself to write at times when I didn’t feel like it. But when I finished the first draft, I knew I would complete the book. I just had to rewrite, rewrite, rewrite.

-I faced the same challenges when writing my novel myself, it can be an overload sometimes but I believe eventually it proves fruitful and worth it. How do you stand out from your competition?

There is a lot of Christian fiction—especially Christian romance and Christian mystery. I don’t think there are many Christian detective novels. Also, a lot of Christian fiction is targeted to a female audience. Soul Pursuit is written to appeal to men. I’ve had both men and women tell me they enjoyed reading it.

-That’s a great competitive advantage, to be able to appeal to both genders and reach more audience with your message. Are you a huge reader yourself? And what do you usually read? Any favorites?

I am an avid reader. I enjoy mysteries, thriller/adventure and detective novels. Robert B. Parker is my favorite detective novel writer. I also read a lot of non-fiction titles around the Christian life. And books on writing. I’m always trying to improve my craft.

-Great! Tell us, what is your next step as an author?

I invest a lot of time marketing the books I’ve written. One of the ways I do this is by maintaining a blog. And that requires writing regular content. I am also working on my next fiction novel in the Jack Sterling detective series. So these things keep me busy. And oh, did I mention I’m also a pastor? So, yeah, there’s that too.

-Very Impressive! Do you have any tips or advice for other aspiring indie authors?

Persistence. Keep writing. Keep reading. Keep looking for creative ways to market your books. There are people with more writing talent than me. People that are more successful as writers. But I am determined no one will be more persistent. And when someone tells me something in one of my books spoke to them or helped them in some way, it’s the motivation that keeps me going.

Yes I believe that is the main reason why most authors write. Awesome, thank you Chip Tudor for those great insights! We all wish you the best of luck, and we look forward to seeing your next piece of work.

Soul Pursuit is available now on Amazon and Audible at only $12.95 paperback, $8.75 ebook and $14.95 audio book. Check it out.


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