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Stephenie Meyer’s Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer

After the successful book series of Twilight, Stephenie Meyer is back with another book named Midnight Sun. This book will help you to go safe and sound in the global pandemic. It also shares the nostalgic moment for the readers to flashback the journey of Twilight from the eyes of Edward. Her previous books got much fame in the movie as well. Twilight’s New Moon spent 31 weeks at the number one position on the New York Times best-selling list. Twilight was in the ALA Top 10 books for Young Adults.

Midnight Sun

Stephenie Meyer is an American Novelist. Her genre of writing is Vampire, Romance, Young Adult fiction, and science fiction.  Meyer has faced many rejections before her first book published by Little, Brown, and Company. She worked in film production and now has her own production company. 100 million copies of her Vampire romance series Twilight have been sold so far. Finale Breaking Down’s book from her Twilight Series is awarded as the Children’s book of the year from the British Book Awards. Twilight is a Vampire story in which Edward Cullen falls in love with the Bella Swan. Twilight is Bella’s side of the story. She also wrote young adult novels, The Host (2008) and The Chemist (2016).

Meyer announced Midnight Sun in November 2008 and stated this is her first book which she planned to rewrite from Edward’s view. Midnight Sun is the most awaited companion novel of Meyer’s creation. Readers have read Bella’s version of the story Midnight Sun is Edward’s version. We have seen the thrilling and memorable journey of their life from Bella’s view. This journey will be more trilled and change of frame from Edward’s eyes.  You will come to know answers of can Edward to be justifiable for all his complexity and past? Is he putting the life of Bella in danger, listening to his heart?

Midnight Sun is going to be published by Little Brown Books for Young Readers. It is also the publisher of all the books of Stephenie Meyer. Stephenie Meyer has the countdown on her personal website. Don’t worry, the book will be available from 4th August 2020 on Amazon as a paperback version also will be distributed by Hachette India in the Indian subcontinent.


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