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The Opus Pocus: 1001 Arabian Nights Audiobook

Meet Matt Parry, author of The Opus Pocus: 1001 Arabian Nights the new, exciting children’s audiobook set to classical music, released on the 1st July.

Now, Matt, I understand your novel is a musical audiobook. Tell us more about yourself and your Audiobook
Hello Vigilante360, great to chat to you! So, about the book: it’s actually a piece of classical music transformed into an audiobook for children aged 7-11, designed to help them discover the magic of classical music, and it features the voices of two British stars: Brian Blessed and Rory Bremner. The story is my take on the 1001 Arabian Nights, so the characters might be familiar – Princess Scheherazade, Sinbad the Sailor etc – but the story is a modern, funny version of this classic tale. About me: I’m a musician, music educator, and helping kids discover classical music is my passion!

What inspired you to make this book?
Precisely this: helping children discover the magic of classical music! Being classically trained (I studied at the Royal Academy of Music) I’m a huge fan of this music but I couldn’t see a modern, fun series dedicated to helping kids discover this incredible sound-world, which sadly is often seen as being ‘stuffy’. So I wanted to do something similar to what Horrible Histories has done with history.

The Opus Pocus: 1001 Arabian Nights

What was the main challenge you faced when creating your Audiobook?
Recording the orchestral music: Scheherazade by Rimsky-Korsakov. That’s right: there’s a full orchestra playing all the way through the audiobook, underscoring the story!

That is not an ordinary work to play orchestra all the way through audiobook, How do you stand out from your competition?

There just isn’t another fun, children’s series set to classical music. There are some educational books etc but kids need something FUN to get them hooked first.

Are you a huge reader yourself? And what do you usually read? Any favorites?
I go through periods of reading a lot of classic fiction (Hemingway and Joyce are favourites) then having a break and reading science, politics and history. Asterix is my favourite children’s series!

Tell us, what is your next step as an author?
As a self-published author it’s promotion, promotion, promotion! You have to accept that, but the process is so interesting these days: each of us has a global market at our fingertips (literally) so reaching an audience is this paradoxical combination of being both very easy and very hard! But it is certainly possible. Creatively my next steps are to finish the production of a graphic novel to accompany the 1001 Arabian Nights audiobook (illustrated by a spectacular artist called Faye Simms) and to write the next two stories from The Opus Pocus: Swan Lake and The Mountain King…

Do you have any tips or advice for other aspiring indie authors?
I think I would say this: if you really want to develop an audience you have to accept that the promotion of your work is as big as actually writing it, but the good news is 1) you love writing so you would do it anyway regardless of how big your audience is and

2) if however you really do want to build an audience then that involves telling your story and thinking creatively about how to get people to engage with your work: exactly the skills you already have as an author! So go for it and remember that any setback is feedback, not failure. Learn from it and try again.

Check the below trailer :

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I did want to mention also that we’ve started The Opus Pocus Club, which is free for children to join. They’ll receive a welcome message from Brian Blessed, the 1st Chapter of the 1001 Arabian Nights audiobook, plus more fun, free stuff to do with classical music and creativity every fortnight. We’re on a mission to bring classical music to thousands of new, young listeners and we’d love you all to join us – so we’ve created this accessible and completely free club! Something that we also feel is especially important at the moment, during these challenging times for parents, teachers and families. Check it out via our website below…

That’s awesome, thank you Matt Parry for those great insights! So hurry up kids to join the club and get the first chapter of The Opus Pocus: 1001 Arabian Nights, We all wish you the best of luck Matt parry, and we look forward to seeing your next piece of work.

The Opus Pocus: 1001 Arabian Nights is available now exclusively from www.TheOpusPocus.com at only £9.99, check it out:

The Opus Pocus: 1001 Arabian Nights – Double Album MP3


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